21 Day Challenge to STOP BULLYING and CREATE CHANGE!

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The 21 Day Challenge to End Bullying and Create Change was developed in 2011/12 and officially launched in September of 2012.

The program is supported by many professional athletes, Olympic Champions, police officers, teachers and more.

We focus on “building strong kids from the inside out” and develop….

Strong character
self esteem
self belief
problem solving
The 21 Day Challenge to End Bullying was developed as a very interactive program that conditions the students mindset to focus on positives and helping one another rather then hurting one another.

The program does not add any additional work to the teachers however it is designed to help and compliment the great work they already do with the students.

Too much “focus” is being given to the negatives of bullying. We all know bullying is bad and the negative results that develop from this behaviour. We are here to adjust this behaviour with our positive, team building program.

The solution? Over the course of 21 days, we help the students to shift into a positive mindset. The students are given booklets to track their daily acts of kindness (teaching responsibility), we provide the school with morning announcements of inspiration that the students read over the PA system and we nominate “Team Leaders” in each class who receive leadership awards for their efforts.

Schools are choosing our program due in large part that we create a foundation for the students to build upon and leave a lasting impression with the students through repetitive acts of kindness.

The students take a lot of pride in being a big part of our journey to create change and end bullying through our program.

While we want to physically be in every school world wide, we understand that this is simply not possible. For that reason, we are in the early production stages on our first DVD. Schools can order the interactive educational tool and each class can participate in the challenge with the same inspirational messages and results. We have received so much interest for the DVD/Kit! We plan to have the 21 Day Challenge available on DVD before September, 2013.

We also provide this program for sports teams and associations world wide.

For more information on our program or to launch your school or sports team/association please go HERE

We look forward to working with your kids!

Email us at jdrexler@bethegame.ca to book your school today!

Joe Drexler
Home of the 21 Day Challenge to End Bullying

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10,000 Acts of Kindness and $70K to Help Kids

Good Morning and thank you for clicking on my LITTLE big blog!

THUMBS UP to #ignitechange!

Jamie with wife Melanie Allison proudly supports our Power of Sport movement. Jamie played 11 seasons in the NHL as a solid shutdown D-Man and is proud to stand tall with us.

We have been told that we are the solution to bullying while “building STRONG kids from the inside out” through our programs across North America and now the UK!

We are well on our way to our first 10,000 #ignitechange and Power of Sport shirts sold! Thank you to all who have supported so far!

What does this mean exactly?

It means 10,000 Acts of Kindness in our world and 10,000 closer to our goal of 1 million!

It also means that we are going to designate $70,000 to communities in need to rebuild parks, basketball courts, ball diamonds and more so that children can play for FREE!

If your school/company/organization would like to support and join the movement, please email us at btgstrongkids@gmail.com.

The University of Northern Alabama is our first NCAA school south of the border to participate in our t-shirt drives to raise money and rebuild area parks and host our camps for kids in need in their area. Now THAT is amazing! True leadership amongst the students and teachers to build community!

Please join the movement and wear your shirt proudly!

Want to support?

Individual? Team? Company? Community?

Just email us today and lets rebuild some parks and more!

Our long time supporter and volunteer Ginny hopes you all join us and #ignitechange!

Thank you!
Joe Drexler

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#ignitechange today for a better tomorrow!

Good Morning to all of my readers!

I recently launched our new Facebook page to raise awareness towards the #ignitechange movement


To #ignitechange in your life, it could be anything from losing weight, to eating better, to running, to reading more, to volunteering at a food bank or homeless shelter, but no matter what it is, your acts of kindness will #ignitechange in our world and our first goal is to reach 1 million acts of kindness across our beautiful planet called Earth!

We will be launching our website soon to track YOUR progress but join us today!

What can you do to help?

We ask that you please email us at orders@bethegameapparel.com and order your #ignitechange t-shirts for only $19.95 each. Once you receive them, please email us a picture to the same email address and tell us what you are doing to #ignitechange in your life and/or those around you.

We will then (with your permission) add your pic and story to our “world map” section of the site and YOU will be one more “act of kindness” towards 1 million and everyone will get to see what you are doing! We think it is PRETTY COOL!

Brian McGrattan of the NHL Nashville Predators stands tall with us to #ignitechange in our world! Will you?

Angel Riviera, CEO of Vera Wear and Vera Cares proudly supports our #ignitechange movement!

What are we doing with the money from the shirts?

Well, yes we do need to live however we are donating $7 from each shirt to community programs that are all geared towards helping children.

We will also be re-building play grounds, basketball courts, ball diamonds and so much more in the highest needed areas so kids today have an outlet to play and simply be….kids!

The Power of Sport through our Community Cares Programs!
You CAN help!

You can become a part of the movement today and join our family!

Who can help? YOU CAN!

Please order your shirts and pass it on!!

It is time to #ignitechange

P.S. why #ignitechange with the # symbol? because the # represents trend and we are leading the way!!

Be PROUD to wear your shirt like the thousands who already are!

Thank you
Joe Drexler
@BeTheGame on twitter

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Helping kids STAND TALL! A dream come true!

Hello to all of my faithful readers, supporters, fans, family, friends!

So it has been a wee bit since I wrote a blog on what is happening in and around my life as this wonderful journey continues. The last couple of blog entries have been geared more towards our Ignite Change Hockey Camps for children in need and of course our growing STRONGkids school programs!

So, here I am sitting in my favourite Starbucks cafe, enjoying my Saturday morning and I thought I would share some time with all of you!

I would like to start off by acknowledging a few people that have recently come into my life and who are helping me to grow our messaging and the brand across the globe:

Jamie and Melanie Allison; Jamie played in the NHL for 10 years and is now my partner with our Ignite Change Hockey and Sports Camps. The power of sport brought Jamie and I together when I helped out at Jamie’s Hockey Camp through his company, The Hockey Force. I delivered our messaging to the kids attending his camp and both Jamie and Melanie liked it :-)! When Jamie heard about what I was planning with my camps, he offered his help and well, lets just say the rest is history! You can check more of what Jamie and I are up to at http://www.ignite-change.com

Brian McGrattan of the Nashville Predators: For those of you who know him from watching him play in the NHL, you know he is one tough S.O.B. and will drop the mitts against anyone who is imposing their will on one of his teammates. What you may not know about him, and what I am here to tell you is that Brian is tough yes, but his heart is BIG! Brian and I recently met through the power of Twitter and we immediately hit it off. He loves our programs and is giving back and wants to help as many kids as we can.
Recently, at our Ignite Change Hockey Camps, Brian not only came out to play some hockey with the kids, but Brian personally sponsored two kids to attend our camp. Brian also recently introduced our program to a good friend of his and one I am a very big fan of, Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins. For those of you who know me, you know I am the biggest Bruins fan this side of the border and Lucic is my favourite player in the NHL (see pic below from the night we won the Cup, thats me on the left and me hoisting my good friend Darren when WE won the Cup)! Brian is someone we are going to do a lot of work with. Watch for a new clothing line we are working on now, geared around Brian and his “job” in the NHL of being an enforcer. Thank you Brian!!! I am proud to call you a friend!

Brian with young Aiden! Thank you for sponsoring Aiden and his brother Brian!

The two biggest Bruins fans in Canada!

Marcus Foligno of the Buffalo Sabres: Marcus came to know of my brand through another long time supporter, Gerome Giudice, who is currently playing for the Coventry Blaze of the EIHL in the UK. Marcus immediately jumped at the opportunity to help out and give back through our programs! Marcus has done video for us to use with our school programs and he also sponsored a child to attend our Ignite Change Hockey Camps. We plan to have a clothing line launched around Marcus called “Sacrifice” as Marcus knows it takes Sacrifice to be a champion! Just ask him about losing some teeth when he blocked a shot in front of the net! OUCH!! Thank you Marcus, I am proud to have you on the BE THE GAME team!

Other pros that are standing tall with us are Akim Aliu of the Calgary Flames, Ryan O’Marra who is playing with the Pelicans in the Finland elite division and is a former 1st round pick of the New York Islanders, Matt Corrente of the New Jersey Devils and the list is growing every day!

Chris Fletcher: My new Agent in the UK. Chris has opened some doors for our new BE THE GAME Apparel line; “What the Pros and Average Joes wear” and has shown me an outstanding work ethic! I am more then impressed with Chris’ passion towards growing the BE THE GAME brand in the UK and I see some very big things happening overseas because of Chris’ passion.

Peter Karl Youngren: Peter is the founder of a charity called The 4 Life Foundation (new charity name to follow) that is geared around mental illness in kids and one that I STRONGLY support whole heartedly. Peter and I met this past Spring by fate at, you guessed it….Starbucks! haha. Peter has become a wonderful friend and supporter of BE THE GAME as he has seen the work we have done. Watch for Peter and I, with our two brands doing some great work together this year within our schools and more!

Personally, I have had many sleepless nights this past Summer, but not in a bad way! More excitement then anything. When being an entrepreneur is in your blood, and you decide to jump out of the nest and do it on your own, it is a feeling that one cannot truly describe in words. It is a feeling you just simply have.

I wrote the following post on my facebook wall and the response was very positive and I thought I would share this with all of you. If any of you are “thinking” of chasing your dream, don’t wait for the perfect time! If you are, you may be waiting forever!

“In life, when you DECIDE to go for it, by jesus GO FOR IT! Don’t sit back and procrastinate my friends but rather get up off your ass and GO FOR IT!
Expect to fall!
Expect to bleed!
Expect the ups and downs!
But for all that I am, it is SOOOOOO worth every scrape, bump, bruise and scar I now OWN because I decided to GO FOR IT!
So I ask you this, no matter what your dream is, no matter where you are in your life RIGHT NOW, at this very second, are you ready to GO FOR IT?
If you are, put your seat belt on and get ready for the ride of your life!
The difference though is, it is YOUR RIDE and not someone else’s”

Thank you to all who have stood beside me since 2008.
It has been a truly wonderful journey and one I would not trade in for the world!

Continue to inspire in your life!

Your friend,
Joe Drexler

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Ignite Change Hockey Camps

Dear Potential Supporter,

My name is Joe Drexler, Founder of BE THE GAME and BE THE GAME STRONGkids.

BE THE GAME’s Joe Drexler, and 11 year NHL D-Man Jamie Allison, Founder of THE HOCKEY FORCE have teamed up to run hockey camps for disadvantaged children across North America and where ever their camps are needed! The purpose of these camps is to inspire change and hope to these children and to make a difference in the lives of children who need it the most. There is NO COST to the parents of the children to attend the camp. Camp spots are covered by the generosity and sponsorships from individuals and companies like yours.

The children will receive so much more then hockey skills, they will learn new found confidence, self-esteem, and most importantly, they will get to be kids with lots of smiles, laughter and hope!

We will have NHL and Pro hockey players making special appearances to spend time with the kids with pictures, autographs and more!
I had the blessings to meet Jamie and his wife Melanie at a recent hockey camp run by The Hockey Force. I was invited out to deliver a message to inspire confidence, self-esteem and to “Build STRONG kids from the inside out” and we are now forever linked to inspire change and hope to children everywhere! You can be part of our team by helping today!

The cost per child is only $350 for this life changing week and while we will NOT deny any of these spots due to lack of funding, we do need your help! Media will be on location to help us spread the message!

Your company logo or personal name will be added to the hockey shirts that each child will receive and you will receive a receipt of sponsorship along with a signed picture for your wall of memories from all of the kids and NHL players who attend the camp that you helped to make happen.

Your help today will play a direct role in launching these camps across North America for years to come!
The two sessions will be held the week of August 20-24 2012 in Oakville, ON Canada

Thank you and we hope we can add your name to the list of supporters to #IgniteChange!

Joe Drexler – Founder of BE THE GAME
Jamie Allison – Founder of The Hockey Force
btgstrongkids@gmail.com http://www.bethegame.wordpress.com 647-302-1101

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“Building STRONG kids from the Inside Out”

Hello to all of my BE THE GAMERS!

UPDATE: 06-21-12: New stock of BE THE GAME STRONGkids t-shirts are now available. To order, simply email btgstrongkids@gmail.com and we will send you the order link. $19.99 each. (Picture below) thank you!

Just some of the BE THE GAME STRONGkids that have graduated our programs to stand tall against bullying through acts of kindness, confidence and self-esteem! We are soaring!!! That’s me right in the middle of all of these future leaders with strong characters!

UPDATE: I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that our BE THE GAME STRONGkids program will be available to all schools, community centres, youth sports associations for team building and more in North America and most European Countries beginning in August 2012 via DVD. This DVD will feature our Pro athletes that support our programs and want to help as many kids as they can! Personalized to your school, team, or centre and made so each of you can take part in the interactive program! This will allow us to reach and work with more kids world wide and continue to build strong character, confidence and more! THANK YOU!…….please read on to find out how you can get your school, sports team, community centre and more involved today! If you would like to be on the email list to order this DVD, please send us an email to btgstrongkids@gmail.com and simply enter BE THE GAME STRONGkids as the subject line and we will keep you posted on the progress and release date! …..

BE THE GAME has been “building strong kids from the inside out” since 2008.
What has changed is the way we do it! We are now doing it BETTER while addressing something that is very important to all of us…and that is bullying!

Bullying is everywhere we look! In our schools, playgrounds, daycare centres, minor sports, camps, the workplace and more! It is everywhere we look and the very sad fact is that some of these children are developing depression at an alarming rate with some even taking their own life’s rather then having to face their bully or bullies another day! This MUST STOP!!!!

Well, I have some GOOD news for you! NO,….WAIT!!….I have some GREAT news for you!

We are here to help! As you know, I have been blessed to have some pretty wonderful leaders through our BE THE GAME ALL STARS join my BE THE GAME team. These young men and women are standing tall with myself and my team of Community Leaders to help END bullying and to encourage the children that are being bullied to seek help! because the help is there!

Pro Athletes and Celebrities who Stand tall with us:

Marcus Foligno: Buffalo Sabres
Brian McGrattan: Nashville Predators
Ryan O’Marra: Anaheim Mighty Ducks
Akim Aliu: Calgary Flames
Chad Owens: Toronto Argonauts
Byron Parker: BC Lions
Vic Oreskovich: Vancouver Canucks
Stefan Legein: Los Angeles Kings
Gerome Giudice: Coventry Blaze (Pro Hockey)
Dale Mitchell: Syracuse Crunch
Peter O’Riordan: TMZ Entertainment
Stephen Bishop: Actor
Nikki Giavasis: Model and Actress
Jason Wilson: New York Rangers
#14 Dougay Racing – Maritime Pro Stock Tour

Companies who proudly support us and want their brand standing TALL with us against bullying: (contact us today to get your brand on this proud list)
Complete VIP Services – http://www.completevipservices.com Twitter: @CompleteVIPServ
Ye Olde Squire – http://www.yeoldesquire.com Twitter: @YeOldeSquire1
Relia-Gal Enterprises – Winner of Redemption Inc. Twitter: @ReliaGal
Kingwood Bagel & Sandwiches – Twitter: @brushycreektx
Dnyamis Fitness and Lifestyle – http://www.dynamisonline.ca Twitter: @DYNAMISonline
Booster Juice at Sherway Gardens. Etobicoke, ON.

Brian McGrattan is one the most respected fighters/enforcers in the NHL but Brian stands tall against bullying in schools and minor sports. Brian is proud to be part of our team and we are blessed to have him!

Marcus Foligno of the Buffalo Sabres believes that every child deserves to have the opportunity to be just that, a child and not live with bullying in school and minor sports! Marcus, along with our other BE THE GAME ALL STARS will all be featured in our DVD.

We have designed a program called BE THE GAME STRONGkids! This program is building strong kids from the inside out! Our programs are available to all schools, youth sports teams and associations and anyone else who wants to have their children and groups become BE THE GAME STRONGkids.

Here is what we focus on:

1. The lifestyle behind our brand; leadership – passion – sportsmanship and positive energy
2. Building self esteem
3. Building self confidence
4. Building strong character
5. Making a Difference
6. Small acts of kindness (students/players earn leadership awards and more)
7. Paying it forward.
8. Trail to Success (Plan of action with the students/team)
9. Health, nutrition and exercise
10. We make an impact on anti-bullying and Mental Illness (Depression)
11. Community CARE Program. C.C.P. (Impactful)

Schools and minor sports teams are signing up with our program at a rapid rate!
Along with or instead of our interactive educational DVD, you can have us attend your school as we work directly with the students in a very fun and motivation way!

Whatever program you choose, know that we leave a lasting impression with the children!

Minor Sports teams and associations are also joining our team and wanting their athletes to become BE THE GAME STRONGkids that stand together against bullying.

Teams proudly wear their BE THE GAME STRONGkids “Say NO to bullying” bracelets, sign the pledge sheet to say “NO” and to report any and all bullying to their coaches! The team receives a certificate stating they are BE THE GAME STRONGkids approved! Something to be very proud of! Please join the Orangeville Tigers Girls Hockey Association as our first association to join our cause and help us get every minor sports association across North America to join our movement to end bullying!

T-Shirts are also available to all schools and teams and anyone who wants to proudly say NO MORE to bullying! We can add your team/school name to the shirts at no extra charge! Email us at btgstrongkids@gmail.com to inquire/order.

If you would like to get your school, your teams, your group involved today to end bullying, please contact us today!

Email us at: btgstrongkids@gmail.com to find out how easy it is to have our program working with your kids!

We cannot make an impact without your commitment to change!

“Be the change you want to see in the world”
– Gandi

Contact us today!

Thank you

Joe Drexler
Founder of BE THE GAME STRONGkids
1515 Rebecca St
Oakville, ON
P.O.Box 60052 Hopedale Mall
L6L 6R4

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BTG StrongKids “Building Strong Kids from the Inside Out” We say “NO MORE” to bullying!

Hello and thank you for stopping by my little wee blog site. I hope you have a read and feel inspired to get involved today! Our programs are nothing with the support from our communities so thank you.

I wanted to share with all of you something that is building great momentum for us here at BE THE GAME!
Something that is “Building Strong Kids from the Inside Out”…Introducing BTG StrongKids!!

As a parent with three children in school and who all play minor sports, I saw a need for more character building for our children within our schools and minor sports. More attention needs to be paid towards bullying and mental illness. Our teachers and coaches are doing a wonderful job and doing the best they can however when I looked back over the years at some of the positive things we have done with children through BE THE GAME it was only a natural fit to design a school program and camps.

Introducing …….

BTG StrongKids ™
“Building Strong Kids from the Inside Out”
“This is where we Soar”

Here is the letter we are sending out to schools across Canada.
Our goal is the be the leader in child development through our schools and communities!
If you feel our program could benefit your child’s school, please drop us a message at bethegame1972@gmail.com!

Dear: School name and Principal here.

Allow me to introduce you to our BE THE GAME Day School Programs, where we are “Building Strong Kids from the Inside Out” (BTG StrongKids)

As a parent with three children in school, I saw a need for our program.

We focus on the following: A one day program with two follow up visits.

1. The lifestyle behind our brand; leadership – passion – sportsmanship and positive energy
2. Building self esteem
3. Building self confidence
4. Making a Difference
5. Small acts of kindness (students earn leadership awards and more)
6. Paying it forward.
7. Trail to Success
8. Health, nutrition and exercise
9. We make an impact on anti-bullying and Mental Illness (Depression)
10. Community CARE Program. C.C.P. (Impactful)

Through our program, the students will experience first hand that if they live this lifestyle, if we take care of ourselves from the inside out, if we are kind to each other, they will build self- esteem and self-confidence! We are teaching that to live the lifestyle that is BE THE GAME, one cannot be a bully and through acts of kindness and giving back, depression can be managed! (I personally battled depression for 4 years)

We work close with the students, get them interactive, and then active. We are solely focused on “Building Strong Kids from the Inside Out”

Many professional athletes stand behind and support BE THE GAME and our programs and they come out to speak to the kids (when available). If unavailable, we have impactful videos from them directed to the students about leadership and positive choices!

We can also create programs to your school’s existing focus as our team is simply fantastic. We can tackle bullying to mental illness! We simply want to make a difference in the lives of our children as they are our future!

Our program is receiving excellent reviews from school’s, teachers, parents but most importantly,the students!

We would love the opportunity to set a time to meet with you where we can further introduce our program. Our goal is to be the LEADER in child development for schools across our Country! When schools think of “Building Strong Kids from the Inside Out”, we want them to think of BE THE GAME! This is where we soar!

We leave a lasting impression!

The following is NOT in the letter however we are reaching out to you!

If you would like to support our vision and mission, and would like to order your “BTG STrongKids” bracelets for $2 each, please email me personally at btgstrongkids@gmail.com with BTG StrongKids in the header. In addition, minor sports leagues are now joining our cause! Players, teams, parents, coaches and more are signing our pledge to say NO MORE to bullying and proudly wear their BTG StrongKids “Say NO to bullying” bracelets and join the growing campaign! Get your team/league involved today and feel proud!

* Funds raised go towards supporting our programs, new equipment, leadership awards, and a large portion will go towards the first BE THE GAME Camp for Kids battling Depression, Bullying and more! Please help us today. We will also be building scholarship awards over the next 2 years!

*If you would like to volunteer at our camps please email me directly with a cover letter and resume.

PLEDGE: In closing, we want to get thousands of names of people that stand tall with BTG StrongKids and so we encourage everyone who read this to click on the “Add comment” button below and write “I pledge to say “NO MORE” to bullying”


Thank you and if you have any questions, please contact me anytime!!

Kindest Regards,

Joe Drexler
Founder, BE THE GAME Sportswear & Fundraising Inc.
BE THE GAME Day School Programs
Founder of BTG StrongKids

“Building Strong Kids from the Inside Out”

Please share this blog on your facebook, twitter etc and help us spread the word!

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